suzie-2Suzie Vinnick, 10X Maple Blues Award winner, 3X Juno Nominee was aFinalist in the 2013 International Blues Challenge Solo/Duo Category inMemphis, TN. She was the winner of the 2012 CBC Saturday Night Blues Great Canadian Blues Award and the 2012 SIRIUS/XM Blues Artist of the Year has released a new album entitled Live At Bluesville, a collection of roots, blues and gospel tunes featuring Suzie and her parlour guitar, Mabel.

A little history…in 2011 Suzie sent a copy of her first solo acoustic blues album Me ‘n’ Mabel to Bill Wax and the album ended up charting for seven weeks on B. B. King’s Bluesville “Picks to Click” reaching number three. This gave Suzie exposure to wider markets and very positive feedback on Me ‘n’ Mabel from fans. In November 2011, as part of a two week tour in the US, Suzie and Mabel spent a few hours recording at the Sirius/XM Radio studio with Bill and his team. Suzie felt so good about the recording session that she wanted to share it with her fans.

Suzie’s album Me ‘n’ Mabel received a 2012 Juno Nomination and opened many doors for her including numerous US and international performances – opening for John Hammond at the Madison Square Park Conservancy inNew York City and performing in Germany at the Women in (e) Motion Festival in Bremen.

Live At Bluesville features Suzie and her parlour guitar, Mabel, and will appeal to fans of her album Me ‘n’ Mabel and her earlier, roots-music based album, Happy Here. Suzie’s music is available on her website and on iTunes.



“Me ‘n’ Mabel is a blues album that includes Suzie’s amazing singing, great material and wonderful acoustic playing and arranging. She’s truly blessed with a rare voice that’s playful, sassy and soulful….”

– Holger Petersen, CBC’s Saturday Night Blues

“This is the Suzie Vinnick recording that her blues fans have been waiting for: an intimate all-blues concert of just you, Suzie’s warm engaging voice, and her fine acoustic guitar, the eponymous Mabel….”

– Blues Doctor Julie Hill, Blue Remedy, CKLN 88.1 FM Toronto

“Suzie Vinnick’s new CD shows her at her most vulnerable and hence, most powerful. She has talent in every cell of her body….”

– Lynn Miles, Singer/Songwriter

“you sing like sun on snow…”

– Craig Northey

“One of the greatest voices in Canada!…”

– Elaine Overholt, vocal coach to Richard Gere, Queen Latifah, Catherine Zeta-Jones

“Her solo work jumps genre barriers with the ease of an Olympic hurdles champion… She’s equally at home in folk, blues, pop and country, and has come up with her best work yet here…”

– Kerry Doole, Exclaim Magazine

“An engaging performer…”

– The Globe & Mail

“She makes the act of genre-hopping seem completely effortless….”

– Kayla Hart, The Marlet, U of Victoria’s Independent Newspaper

“Warm, rich and emotional, Vinnick’s gorgeous vocals ring with confidence…”

– Ottawa Citizen

“Her powerful voice breathes sweet life into candid, personal and heartfelt lyrics…”

– Capital City

“Suzie Vinnick has a voice somewhere between Shawn Colvin, Rebecca Campbell and some angel who guided you through a night…”

– Vancouver Island Cosmic Debris

“Inevitable comparisons to a young Bonnie Raitt are fitting, as she moves easily through rock, country, pop and folk stylings…”

– Saskatoon Downtown

“Take an amazing voice, add a pinch of youth, mix slowly with some of the finest writing and instrumental talent around, and the recipe is complete…”

– Ballyrag

“her big voice into a delicate space with style and tenderness; gentle-sounding, well-crafted, personal songs from the folk-pop neighbourhood of Shawn Colvin and Rickie Lee Jones…”

– Paul Morden, The Sarnia Observer

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